Learn more about YourMoneyWallet, and how to track your spending

Adding a New Transaction

Adding a new transaction only takes two steps. Choose between an expense or income, pick a category and then enter the amount.

If you like to track more, YourMoneyWallet has you covered. You can add an image, set a reminder for your bills, set repeats for your income, and pin any location on the map.

For those of you who love to travel. YourMoneyWallet will allow you to enter transactions in any currency. YourMoneyWallet automatically converts these currencies to your default Wallet currency even when you are offline.

Add a new Wallet

Adding a new Wallet allows you to create different collections for your finances. You can have a Wallet for your Checking, Savings, Investments, and Mortgages Accounts.

Having all these Wallets sectioned out allows for easy tracking of your finances and a better picture of your Networth.

Create a new Budget

Creating a budget is as easy as giving it a name and a spending limit.

However, if you like to take more control of your spending, you can add or remove categories as needed. For instance you can create a budget to only track your grocery spending.

Did you think we would stop there? Well you were wrong, you can also have YourMoneyWallet notify you when you 50%, 100%, or 110% over your budget spending limit. Lastly, you can set this budget to run once or repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. This way you never have to create the same budget over and over again. Cool right?

Analytics and Reports

Networth: Gain insight to your Networth by viewing a break down of where your expenses, investments, loans, and incomes are coming from.

Budget: See how far off you are in your budget spending. Know how much time left before your budget ends. See how much you have spent and what categories you spend the most.

People Transaction: See who spends the most. These are designed for users sharing expenses and budgets.

Places Transaction: Gain insights to where you spend most of your money.

Wallet Balance: See your ultimate Wallet balance for your expenses and income with a break down of how many transactions happen in each category

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