Frequently Asked Questions

What is YourMoneyWallet
Your Money Wallet is a personal finance app. it allows you to see all your accounts in one place, understand your spending, monitor your everyday spending, and see all your money transactions in a beautiful well crafted design.
What is a Wallet
Think of a wallet as a collection of your financial portfolio. For instance you can create a wallet for investments, morgage loans, checking, and savings account. The way YourMoneyWallet structures your finances makes it super easy to keep track of what goes in and out, which in turn allows us to accurately tell you how much you are worth.
What are the features YourMoneyWallet offers
YourMoneyWallet offers
  • Sync data across multiple devices *premium
  • Share wallets with friends and family *premium
  • Insightful reports on where all your spending goes
  • Budget for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly spending
  • Use multiple currencies for when you on the road travelling
  • Notifications and reminders for upcoming bills and budget limits
  • Add a location for each transaction
  • Bank grade security
  • View your Networth
Is YourMoneyWallet Secure
Yes your data is absolutely secure. Your Money Wallet uses a high-grade, bank-level 256-bit encryption to secure any sensitive information stored on our servers and your phone which prevents any third party from eavesdropping.
What currencies do you support
We support all currencies and exchange rates of the world. You will need an internet connection to access the most current exchange rates. However, we download exchange rates to your phone on a daily basis for offline use.
How do I get a refund for my premium subscription
We are sad to hear that you want to cancel your premium subscription. Unfortunately we are unable to help you with a refund due to Apple's terms and agreement. However, you can contact Apple directly here : App Store’s refund policy
What if I forget my Password
Go to the register page of the app and tap on the forgot password button, enter your username and submit your request and we will send a temporary password to the registerd email address in our system. Ensure that you update your password to a new one after login in.
By the way don't worry about your data, your TRANSACTIONS are safe and will be re-downloaded from the cloud.
How do I delete my YourMoneyWallet account in the cloud
Send an email to hello at with a DELETE ACCOUNT title. We will contact you when your account has been removed
What is the subscription price
YourMoneyWallet is free to download and use. However, you can buy a premium subscription through your iTunes account which will give you access to data sync, wallet share, and the ability to create multiple wallets and budgets.
Auto-renewable subscription for 1 month is $2.49 and a one time yearly subscription payment is at $24.99. The subscription will be auto renewed until cancelled by user.